Our Wines

The simplicity and genuine character of our land.

The true image of Herdade da Mingorra.

Coming from our best vineyeards.

From selected Herdade da Mingorra vines, a strong wine is born.

Ira is born out of a long, prior irritation that has altered the spirit and built up the necessary force for an explosion

To celebrate together.


Nationality: Portuguese

Natural from: Porto

Date Birth: October 21st 1970

Civil State: Married (three kids)


Pedro Hipólito is a leading figure in the new wave of Portuguese winemakers and has had a clear influence on the Herdade da Mingorra project, given his involvement since the earliest stage of the Winery’s conception and implementation, in other words, since the first sketches were put down on paper …

He has a degree in Agro-Industrial Engineering from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia de Lisboa and taught Wine-Making at the Instituto Superior de Ciências Educativas for more than a decade. During his career, he has been involved in technical and scientific studies, at both national and international levels, as well as several symposiums, conferences and publications related to the sector and he also worked for the Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho for seven years.

Pedro is currently involved not only in wine production on Herdade da Mingorra, but also all farming activity on the property.

Alice Sara Ott - Autogramm